Difference Between Each, Every, All

Difference Between Each, Every, All in english;Difference Between Each, Every, All
Using All in English
It means total. We use it to talk about the total number of things.

  • I stayed home all day instead of going to work.
  • All men are equal.
  • All cheetah are fast.
  • All children need care.
  • He ignored her all day.

Using Every in English
We use every to tlak about collectively things more than individually. It means each, all.

  • I shave every morning.
  • She wanted to get away from everyday life.
  • I take a break every three hours.
  • Every artist is sensitive.

Using Each in English
Use each when referring to individual members of a group, one at a time.

  • Each artist sees things differently.
  • The soldiers each received a meadl.
  • We need each other.
  • They hated each other.

Difference Between Each, Every, All