Collocations in English – GO and HAVE

Collocations in English – GO and HAVE;

Collocations in English - GO and HAVE
Collocations with GO in English
go home
go downtown
go abroad
go North
go South
go party
go cinema
go bank
go a hike
go a drink
go a coffee
go a meal
go a rest
go a nap
go a ride
go a drive
go a swim
go a walk
go a run
go doctor’s
go mountains
go beach
go lake
go port
go airport
go supermarket
go a safari
go an adventure

Collocations with HAVE in English
have a shower
have a bath
have a wash
have a scrub
have a rest
have a break
have a nap
have a snooze
have a lie down
have a dream
have a holiday
have a day off
have a party
have fun
have a haircut
have a shave
have a chat
have a decision
have a conversation
have a talk
have an argument
have a dispute
have a fight
have a quarrel
have a lecture
have a walk
have a jog
have a run

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