Collocations in English – Time and Break

Collocations in English – Time and Break;

Collocations in English - Time and Break
Collocations with Time
spend time
waste time
make time for
save time
free time
have a hard time
have time
take your time
on time
just in time
take time off
kill time
run out of time
stall for time
pass the time
leisure time
spare time
take your time
to tell time
to keep time
precious time
set time
have a great time
Collocations with Break
break a bone
break a code
break a habit
break a law
break down
break the news to someone
break a promise
break a record
break a window
break ground
break new ground
break someone’s heart
break the ice
break one’s fall
break a leg
break even
break loose
break from tradition
break the rules
break the silence
break the spell
break free
break up
break the ice

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